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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Fourth of July 2020

Happy Fourth of July!

Though the year has challenged our nation with a variety of upheaval and chaos, I hold the belief that each of us has inherent good and the power to overcome when we tap into that good, remember our collective humanity and our purpose here in life: to learn, grow and contribute.

Americans have been tried in the past, pushed through and overcome many challenges. It is because we are a land of diverse and unique individuals who hail from all cultures, backgrounds, nations, religions, colors, beliefs, and lifestyles. One would expect that such differences would divide us but instead, this is the reason that we have grown into a nation of thinkers, creators, doers, collaborators, problem-solvers and helpers. Each of us brings our unique talents to task when needed. When we unite and focus on a goal for humanity, we all win. 

As we celebrate today knowing that each one of us came from another land to form a free, open society that embraces our differences—whether arriving on ships of the original explorers looking for treasures in foreign lands, as indentured, as enslaved, seeking asylum from persecution or more recent arrivals—we all arrived here seeking a better life and the freedoms to be who we are without judgement, without interference, without persecution, without intolerance. America was formed to accept and embrace all as a sanctuary among nations who do not value these ideals. The Statute of Liberty reminds us of this with each new arrival who passed through her harbor and her broken shackles serve an encouragement and reinforcement in what we stand united.

Just as a great leader serves by example to inspire, motivate and empower others towards their greatness, let each of us do our part to serve as positive examples of humanity, inspire others to be their best, and grow with open hearts.

I celebrate this Independence Day holiday embracing the belief that we are independent and united in living peacefully in a free society of many differences. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve so many people of varying beliefs, colors and backgrounds. It enriches my life, teaches me and pushes me closer to the goal of true enlightenment. 

I celebrate, value and honor each of you.  

💜 Kimberly