Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Office Efficiency: Resources & Printable Templates that Make Sorting with Binders a Snap

The Breakdown on Binders
Have you or a family member ever struggled to remember important information? We have the solution! Creating a binder that holds information about family members, pets, cars, the home, and more will inspire a more functional life. Information can easily be lost either by being placed in a pile of mail or accidentally thrown into the trash can. Using a binder system will ensure that your family’s information is never misplaced again. This download provides a multitude of sections and dividers to get you started!

Binder Breakdown
If you are unsure or have never used a binder system before, this download will help you to easily maneuver the process. Binders are the necessary solution for a stressful problem. Think about the variety of bank statements, bills, and household necessities you keep up with every month. Everything you need can be quickly accessed within a binder filing system. This detailed image shows exactly what your finished project should look like; also make sure to look for key tips, such as using paper clips to create subsections.

Download Complete Binder Packets
We have a section for each aspect of your life! Household, financial, vehicle, and medical information sections help to organize pivotal information you may need in an emergency situation. There are also sections for your pets, children, and meal plans so that another family member can keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities if you are not at home. Have another section that you want to include? No problem! We have included a blank binder document for you to easily adapt into any additional section.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Office Efficiency: Digital Makeover - 4 Great Styling Tips for Your Office

Let’s Techorate
Modern technology has made its way into almost every aspect of life; it has especially taken precedence in the work environment. Technology, while helpful, is sometimes disruptive to the cohesive office design. Loose wires, phones, and other electronics can be a distraction and result in a slower workday. Using these tips, take your technology into your own hands, and dress it up to your own design!

Four Techy Tips
These four fresh ideas can take your workstation from cluttered and boring to organized and artistic! Keep cords together by tying them with ribbon or utilizing products such as Cable Turtles. Keep your phone and tablet within arms reach by finding a charging station that fits the theme of your office and placing it right by the computer. If you decide that you want to keep these electronics out of the way, decorative boxes or clever designs can help them blend in with the rest of your desk. Find the system that works best for you, and liven up your office decor!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Timesavers & Tips: Organize by Aroma for a More Sensible Cleaning Routine

Cleaning That Makes Scents
Too often the cleaning products made for the home have scents that, when combined, end up creating too strong of a scent. They are also not always safe to use without gloves or some form of skin protection. Remedy this problem by creating your own eco-friendly cleaning products! Making your own products gives you the ability to control the scent as well; this will eliminate the problem of clashing scents and allow you to pick the ones you enjoy most. Use these tips to create a cleaning product for every part of your home!

Homemade Cleaning Supplies and Printable Labels
Learning to make your own products has never been easier. We have broken down the process into three simple lists, and provided the basic ingredients, essential oils, and cleaning formulas you need. Each has their own respective benefits that are formulated to eliminate specific messes. Select the ingredients and oils that work best for each room in your home!