Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Innovative Home Construction Material Reduces Costs and Environmental Impact while Creating Unique Homes

The Gibran Center at Miracle Springs in Thailand sought to bring together people in retreat-like settings for their wellness retreats. They needed housing for incoming visitors. They began using an innovative way of building low-cost, low-impact housing under the Center's founder, guide and architectural designer, Hajjar Gibran.

Thanks to Hajjar and collaboration with his friend, Steve Areen, they have gained international recognition for these amazing homes. The demand is so great that Hajjar dedicated himself to inventing the equipment necessary to make them available around the world.

As beautiful as these unusual homes appear, their construction is even more unusual. They use a construction material that is light-weight, cost-efficient and easy to use: AirCrete. According to their website:
    "AirCrete is a lightweight non-toxic masonry material that is easy and inexpensive to make yourself with Little Dragon. It is waterproof, fireproof, and insect proof. It offers good thermal and acoustic insulation. It will not rot, warp, or corrode. Unlike concrete which is hard, heavy, cold and difficult to work with, AC is easy to work with. It dries overnight and can be cut, carved, drilled and shaped with wood-working tools. It accepts nails and screws and is easily repaired. It had good compressive strength to make excellent foundations, subfloors, building blocks, poured walls, domes or whatever. It can be molded or formed into practically any shape. AirCrete can cut cost of conventional methods of construction by a factor of 10 for several reasons."
For information on the construction technology and to attend workshops on building, visit their website at:

21037 Zip Code Real Estate Market Continues Upward Trend in Price Cuts

February 20, 2017 -- Edgewater, MD 21037: 
The number of price cuts in the 21037 zip code market climbed to 37 over the last 30 days, furthering a new positive trend. Perhaps due to the decreases in list prices, sales increased to 30 homes sold. The median sales price rose to $409,950, and there are a fairly average four months of inventory left to be sold.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

21061 Zip Code Real Estate Market Sees Sales On the Rise

February 10, 2017 -- Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Over the last 30 days, the 21061 zip code market looked solid with 44 homes sold, closing in on the average sales volume for the prior 12 months. Within the same time frame, the 21122 zip code had 41 sales, the most of all zip codes in the area. Pricing in the 21061 zip code remains consistent from last week to this week, with the median sales price at $239,000 again. With just three months of inventory available and sales going up, the 21061 zip code is a seller's market.